Beaver Creek Hydrology specializes in natural channel design for watershed planning, stream restoration and mitigation for aquatic resources. We provide professional design services needed for stable, sustainable and thriving ecosystems and seek to optimize hydrological, biological, social and economic benefits.

Construction Observation

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BANKFULL Natural Channel Design Model and software was developed and is maintained by Beaver Creek Hydrology, LLC. BANKFULL uses the meander flow equations to predict stable channel patterns useful for designing stream restoration and mitigation projects. It has been in use for over 10 years to design stream restoration projects that have exceeded monitoring success criteria.

The Harpeth River Watershed Association (HWRA), Beaver Creek Hydrology and other partners worked closely to remove a low head dam making the Harpeth River one of only three free-flowing rivers in Tennessee. In 2016, the Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership (SARP) nominated the Harpeth River Lowhead Dam Removal and Stream Restoration Project as one of the National Fish Habitat Partnership’s (NFHP) 10 “Waters to Watch” Legacy projects. It was also recognized with the 2013 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award and in 2012 was named as one of the top 10 “Waters to Watch” by the NFHP.

Ecosystem Investment Partners,  Beaver Creek Hydrology and Stream Restoration Specialist developed the Big and Little Sandy mitigation sites that included over 18 miles of stream restoration in the eastern portion of Kentucky. The photograph above is of the groundbreaking ceremony at the Big Sandy Mitigation Project site. From left to right: Josh Brock (SRS), Steve Brock (SRS), Brian Belcher (BCH), Case Davis (BCH), Dave Harmon (Kentucky Transportation Cabinet), Murray Starkel (EIP), Colonel Beck (USACE Louisville District) and Adam Rice (Representative from U.S. Congressman Harold Rogers).